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Tweets today

00:22 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/7e53vk #

10:20 Blog: Rat Scratch Fever tinyurl.com/7sz7g4 #

10:20 Blog: Japanese Watchmen trailer tinyurl.com/a7bttq #

11:21 Blog: The Ninja is a dangerous man tinyurl.com/7mosbk #

11:46 2 Wheels Good: Now I’m On 2 Wheels too tinyurl.com/99acy7 #

11:46 Save the World: Getting extra energy from natural gas tinyurl.com/9ybp3v #

12:27 @SkippyUK same problem as with Spinneyhead at the start of the year. Didn’t know I had those ads there. #

12:52 On Two Wheels- The Cycling Revolution tinyurl.com/8x6ycl #

13:21 Blog: Wingsuit base jumping tinyurl.com/8ku4d5 #

13:21 Blog: Marbles rules tinyurl.com/9ubmkk #

16:31 Three bin bags worth of rubbish removed from my room so far. #

19:12 Preparing to be appalled by The Spirit. #

21:30 Not as bad as Catwoman. Could have done without the voice over and the nazi regalia. #

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Getting extra energy from natural gas

A company called 2OC is planning to install mini turbines in natural gas pipelines to generate electricity. The gas is at too high a pressure when it comes out of the ground for safe distribution so sites known as letdown stations are used to release the pressure. The turbines would be installed in these stations and could generate as much as one coal or nuclear power station.

2OC admits that this is an expensive way to generate electrity. But it is making use of energy that would otherwise be wasted. The letdown process also has a cooling effect- as the gas expands its temperature drops drastically- and the company are looking at ways to use this such as cooling data centres.

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