Tweets today

00:22 Blog: Tweets today #

10:20 Blog: Rat Scratch Fever #

10:20 Blog: Japanese Watchmen trailer #

11:21 Blog: The Ninja is a dangerous man #

11:46 2 Wheels Good: Now I’m On 2 Wheels too #

11:46 Save the World: Getting extra energy from natural gas #

12:27 @SkippyUK same problem as with Spinneyhead at the start of the year. Didn’t know I had those ads there. #

12:52 On Two Wheels- The Cycling Revolution #

13:21 Blog: Wingsuit base jumping #

13:21 Blog: Marbles rules #

16:31 Three bin bags worth of rubbish removed from my room so far. #

19:12 Preparing to be appalled by The Spirit. #

21:30 Not as bad as Catwoman. Could have done without the voice over and the nazi regalia. #

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