Daily archives: January 14, 2009

Tweets today

23:22 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/94h96r #

10:22 My pc’s nervous breakdown continues. No network connection now. #

11:12 PC temporarily soothed. This week’s project- backup- rebuild- reinstall- cross fingers- turn on. #

13:43 Yay! I just saw an atheist bus. #

18:18 Let’s try this. At #smc_mcr in The Northern. Let’s try for wifi. #

18:48 #smc_mcr #3 if only to find out what the title means. #

18:54 #smc_mcr #3 Waterfall projects. I used to work on whitewater/whirlpool/stagnant pond projects. #

19:22 Blog: #smc_mcr tinyurl.com/83ujvd #

19:47 #smc_mcr #4 Geek out corner. I thought they meant mashup music etc, but this is interesting stuff. #

19:56 #smc_mcr #4 bibble #

20:33 Farewell #smc_mcr I need food. #

22:22 Blog: Sending the Student Video Blogging Travelling tinyurl.com/9sp7le #

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Sending the Student Video Blogging Travelling

In an attempt to win one of the two World Travel Internships offered by STA Travel for 2009. The application is a video, intended to showcase his talents in photography, video blogging, etc., his knowledge of and interest in travel, world cultures, etc., and his general eligibility for the internship. Every time the video is viewed, it counts as a vote in his favor. Please take a few (less than 3) minutes to view the video and register a vote for Tavi. If you want to find out more about it then go here.