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23:22 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/9nu3ta #

12:30 Seafood and broccoli chowder for lunch. Nice. #

12:50 On Two Wheels- Bike maintenance and building your own bike trailer tinyurl.com/7yxb7e #

13:11 When’s Watchmen released in the UK. It’s due 6th March in the States, which would be Bogle weekend over here. Post Stroll geekery anyone? #

14:24 Blog: Charidee- Team Ike’s Bogle plans and send Sue to Zambia tinyurl.com/6w34k7 #

20:23 Blog: Google Earth circa 1957 tinyurl.com/935lp9 #

22:39 Vote Harry! Vote early, vote often, vote beardy. #

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Charidee- Team Ike’s Bogle plans and send Sue to Zambia

This year’s Bogle Stroll is March 6th-7th. Alex and I are entering, probably as Team Ike with baby Bogle Ikes fastened to our bikes. (That sentence will probably only make sense to ten people.) If the weather’s favourable and I can get the training in I’m aiming for four loops of the roll route, about 104 miles, because I’ve managed three loops each of the times I’ve tried previously. The bike is better this year, but sadly the body isn’t. I haven’t found a way to take donations online yet, but if you want to sponsor either of us please email or comment and tell me how much.

If you do want to make a donation online, go to Sue’s page and help her go to Zambia this Summer. If she can raise enough they’ll send her back to us rather than making her hitch home.