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Tweets today

23:18 The Irish accent still does things to me. Shame the pretty Irish girls won’t. #

23:23 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/depthm #

00:33 Sleep deprivation is taking its toll in the library. #

03:14 Valentine’s is a Saturday this year. I shall be playing violent video games. Unless I get a better offer. #

08:34 @Gribbit You try to dish it out, but you can’t take it can you. If you don’t want people to make fun of you stop making it so easy for us. #

10:14 @kemibe He’ll have some claim about that being when the midterms give republicans back congress and senate (even if that’s wrong too) #

10:33 Laziness is using Facebook messaging to talk to your housemate in the room upstairs. #

11:23 Blog: Somebody should slap Frank Miller tinyurl.com/caeh8r #

12:12 @grimnorth check out the #smc_mcr thread. There was discussion of this at the last Social Media Cafe. #

12:29 In my temporarily timeshifted world lunch is supper and dinner will be breakfast. Time for bed. #

20:17 @Gribbit But if you call me names I have every right to respond. You have no argument, so you’re reduced to whining and demanding privileges #

20:25 @Gribbit What’s #tcot then? More of this sort of whining? #

20:54 @Gribbit You’re a top conservative? No wonder your guy lost. #

20:58 Must stop taunting the idiot American rightwingers. As Alex points out, they may have guns. But they probably couldn’t find the UK on a map. #

22:39 Rereading Dark Knight Returns to get over All Star Big Marv and Robin. #

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Somebody should slap Frank Miller

Over the weekend I received two comic collections that make me want to slap Frank Miller, then go and read some of his stuff from back when he was good.

The Best of The Spirit collects 22 episodes of the newspaper strip that made Will Eisner’s name and influenced so many other comics, including Miller’s. The 7 page tales are almost always self contained and often experimental. Most of all, they’re light. Even the darkest of subjects is addressed with, but never undermined by, humour. Miller’s recent film based upon The Spirit replaced the humour with overblown attempts at wackiness and buried the rest under Sin City style grim and uberviolence. After watching the film I merely thought Miller had made a disappointing movie. Now I’ve read the originals I agree with the other Spirit fans who think he’s massacred something special.

The other book I received was All Star Batman and Robin: The Boy Wonder, which collects the first eight issues of Miller and Jim Lee’s series about the boy sidekick’s origin. Will Eisner could have achieved more in 7 pages than Miller and Lee manage in any two issues of this comic. Miller’s writing, and- judging by the cover gallery- his art, has become a bad pastiche of the great work he did on Dark Knight Returns and tears apart the well balanced characters established in his Batman: Year One. The only thing I can say in favour of All Star is that Miller’s only tarnishing his own reputation with it, rather than dragging down one of comics’ greats.