Tweets today

23:25 Blog: Tweets today #

00:51 On Two Wheels- To Do- Bogle Roll #

02:23 Blog: cc all your emails to Jacqui Smith day #

08:24 A short "day", then I’ll try to sleep through the afternoon. #

10:40 I have a whole load of Dogs D’Amour on iTunes. Where’dthat come from? And thank you whoever put it there. #

13:15 On Two Wheels- The Cyclists’ Touring Club #

13:40 Beddy byes #

18:40 God botherers got me out of bed. I wasn’t sleeping well anyway, but that’s uncalled for. #

20:41 After all these years I’m still getting hits for Alyson Hannigan’s feet, with a bonus "Alyson Hannigan erotic" today as well. #

22:25 Left out on the table I sit at "The Invention of Pornography". It’s like they knew I was due. #

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