Tweets today

07:18 I love the taste of beer in the morning. It tastes like….. another step on a slow downward spiral. #

08:34 @SkippyUK Only one bottle. I vowed Damian and Alex would find me drinking beer in the morning when my last night shift finished #

11:26 Blog: Tweets today #

13:32 Bumped into someone I worked with 15 years ago and she remembered me. Feel bad being so memorable yet so forgetful. #

16:56 Six espressos at lunchtime have kept me awake so far, but I think they’re wearing off. #

21:12 Google’s number 1 site for cactus masturbation. Or prickle porn as it’s also known. #

23:15 @Gribbit and The people who know what they’re talking about know your talking rubbish. #

23:25 @Gribbit Because you know you’re wrong.You don’t like people pointing out how weak your arguments are. #tcot #

23:29 @Gribbit Follow the first link. Many of the "signatories" never said AGW isn’t happening, most don’t know what they’re talking about. #tcot #

23:30 @Gribbit Nothing wrong with the EU. Stop trying to make the world a worse place. #

23:34 Hopefully I’ve now reset my body clock and tomorrow I’ll no longer be on Australian time. #

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