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Tweets today

23:23 Blog: Tweets today #

01:55 I think I need the White Lies debut album. Another one reminiscent of early nineties alt/goth. #

03:08 Asda @ 3am. Dodging the shelf stackers to get snacks. #

09:21 I’ve just seen the face of Karl Marx in the unpainted plaster in the toilet. #

10:07 CSI, then bed. #

22:08 The sun always shines on TV. #

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Tweets today

00:21 Blog: Tweets today #

01:40 Communication is a wonderful thing. Shame so few people do it. #

02:54 Three and a half hours of driving. And I thought noone would want this bus. #

04:57 Fire alarm. Probably a false alarm, but I’ve left the building just in case. #

06:48 Where do I find food at this time of day? I’m starving. #

11:23 Blog: I, for one, welcome America’s new Marxist-Nazi-Muslim-Liberal Hive overlord #

11:28 @Gribbit I, for one, welcome America’s new Marxist-Nazi-Muslim-Liberal Hive overlord #

12:30 I probably shouldn’t taunt the idiots on this, their day of mourning. But it’s kind of satisfying. #

20:09 @Gribbit 🙂 The witty put down, it burns!!!! #

22:10 In the University library, skimming a book on body language someone has left out. #

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I, for one, welcome America’s new Marxist-Nazi-Muslim-Liberal Hive overlord 3

Today Barack Obama becomes US President. Unfortunately, he’s not the Messiah, just a politician with far better ideas than the guy he’s replacing. Even given two terms he probably can’t completely clean up the mess left by Bush and friends, but at least he won’t try to make it even worse.

A post on Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge pointed out that today would be a great time to take another look at the rightwing sites I followed during the election and see what sort of idiocy their self pity generated. There’s the post linked in the article, which suggests that any “liberal” success is down to some sort of Hive mind. Because like minded people working together for a common goal is a Socialist invention somehow. The same guy Godwin’d (again, I’m sure he did it multiple times during the election) a few days ago, because trying to sort out the banks is the first step on the road to the concentration camps.

Stop the ACLU jumps on the too-tired-to-do-any-original-thinking bandwagon with a similar post and tries to stop global warming by quoting a guy who doesn’t seem to know what he’s rebelling against.

Michelle Malkin has an open thread for people who want to moan about living in a democracy.

Little Green Footballs tries to place the blame anywhere other than the Worst President Ever and the stupidly dangerous pair that wanted to carry on his good work.

You know, I sort of miss these idiots, but I don’t know if I have enough time to follow all of them. Maybe just one RSS feed, to sample the madness? They are, after all, embodiments of the sort of beliefs I’m giving to the bad guys in Sounds of Soldiers.

Update Take nine and a half minutes to learn why these people are so wrong and deluded-

Tweets today

00:21 Cold feet, warm heart. (or poor circulation) #

10:24 Working 10pm to 7am the next four days. Way to mess with my body clock. #

12:29 Orange Wednesday this week is Slumdog Millionaire @ 6.40 @ amc #

15:57 Fucking school run! Make the little bastards walk I say. Some of us need to get home and sleep. #

17:00 Nap time. #

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Tweets today

00:17 Be very, very quiet, Damian’s brought women home. I’m staying in my room. #

00:21 Blog: Tweets today #

11:55 @Kalyr I’d just gone to bed and was too lazy to get up. Plus, my nightwear would have traumatised them. #

12:23 Blog: RIP Tony Hart #

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Daily Mail- it’s okay to be racist if you do it with a smile.

Irony is a writer for the Daily Mail calling other people “pious, pompous, prudish, sanctimonious, semi-hysterical, self-righteous, mealymouthed, whining prigs”. Andrew Alexander thinks it’s okay to give someone a nickname that may sound, to anyone with a brain and some sensitivity, crass and insulting. In that spirit, I shall call him Tosser from now on. Me old mate Tosser thinks it’s a terrible shame that people have pointed out that Paki is a word loaded with racist overtones. He seems to be arguing that as Prince Harry’s used it it’s been given the Royal seal of approval as an acceptable way to refer to our brown friends.

Tosser’s argument is doubly pathetic because of the paper publishing it. The Daily Mail has an editorial policy of being offended by everything and anything that doesn’t fit into its narrow world view and is the loudest source of pious nonsense in the country.

Tweets today

23:22 Blog: Tweets today #

12:30 Seafood and broccoli chowder for lunch. Nice. #

12:50 On Two Wheels- Bike maintenance and building your own bike trailer #

13:11 When’s Watchmen released in the UK. It’s due 6th March in the States, which would be Bogle weekend over here. Post Stroll geekery anyone? #

14:24 Blog: Charidee- Team Ike’s Bogle plans and send Sue to Zambia #

20:23 Blog: Google Earth circa 1957 #

22:39 Vote Harry! Vote early, vote often, vote beardy. #

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Charidee- Team Ike’s Bogle plans and send Sue to Zambia

This year’s Bogle Stroll is March 6th-7th. Alex and I are entering, probably as Team Ike with baby Bogle Ikes fastened to our bikes. (That sentence will probably only make sense to ten people.) If the weather’s favourable and I can get the training in I’m aiming for four loops of the roll route, about 104 miles, because I’ve managed three loops each of the times I’ve tried previously. The bike is better this year, but sadly the body isn’t. I haven’t found a way to take donations online yet, but if you want to sponsor either of us please email or comment and tell me how much.

If you do want to make a donation online, go to Sue’s page and help her go to Zambia this Summer. If she can raise enough they’ll send her back to us rather than making her hitch home.

Tweets today

00:21 Blog: Tweets today #

11:23 Blog: Turtles! #

11:23 Blog: Get it on with Durex #

13:39 Lots of oil on the roads today, making pretty but toxic rainbows in the rain water. #

14:54 There’s a few new bands that sound like the gothy stuff a certain ex was listening to in 93-94 eg Ladyhawke. #

16:15 When you see my face, hope it gives you hell. When you walk away, hope it gives you hell #

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Tweets today

23:22 Blog: Tweets today #

10:22 My pc’s nervous breakdown continues. No network connection now. #

11:12 PC temporarily soothed. This week’s project- backup- rebuild- reinstall- cross fingers- turn on. #

13:43 Yay! I just saw an atheist bus. #

18:18 Let’s try this. At #smc_mcr in The Northern. Let’s try for wifi. #

18:48 #smc_mcr #3 if only to find out what the title means. #

18:54 #smc_mcr #3 Waterfall projects. I used to work on whitewater/whirlpool/stagnant pond projects. #

19:22 Blog: #smc_mcr #

19:47 #smc_mcr #4 Geek out corner. I thought they meant mashup music etc, but this is interesting stuff. #

19:56 #smc_mcr #4 bibble #

20:33 Farewell #smc_mcr I need food. #

22:22 Blog: Sending the Student Video Blogging Travelling #

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Sending the Student Video Blogging Travelling

In an attempt to win one of the two World Travel Internships offered by STA Travel for 2009. The application is a video, intended to showcase his talents in photography, video blogging, etc., his knowledge of and interest in travel, world cultures, etc., and his general eligibility for the internship. Every time the video is viewed, it counts as a vote in his favor. Please take a few (less than 3) minutes to view the video and register a vote for Tavi. If you want to find out more about it then go here.

Tweets today

23:22 Blog: Tweets today #

10:21 Blog: How to make Sauerkraut #

10:21 Blog: Hang The DJ T-shirt idea #

14:16 I still haven’t seen an atheist bus 🙁 #

23:04 24 day 7 8am to 10am. I’m watching it, but it’s not gripping me yet. #

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Hang The DJ T-shirt idea

An idea that was bugging me over the weekend became a quick sketch yesterday and now I’m thinking of putting this on a T-shirt-

For the final version I think the bow tie will be red, the lining blue or purple and the jacket itself dark grey with shiny looking lapels. The trousers will probably go as well.

Anyone like the idea?