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Tweets today

23:21 Blog: Tweets today #

10:22 Is having chocolate cake for mid-morning snack just a little too decadent? #

11:21 Blog: I need to update my CV #

12:22 Blog: A few of the most expensive things on Ebay today #

14:14 Irony= white van man shouting at me for not signalling. Bet he doesn’t do that to other drivers. #

17:22 What is it about my front tyre and punctures? #

18:37 Cake or death? With this cake it could be both. #

19:17 On Two Wheels- It pays to know where the bike shops are #

22:40 Recommended Orange film- Yes Man @ 6.55 @ amc. I, however, shall be elsewhere. #

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A few of the most expensive things on Ebay today

Nine million pounds will get you a hideous painting entitled “King Barack

Six million will get you “Best of British“, a “pisse” of art painted with the artist’s dick. In their defence, half of the sale will go to Cancer Research.

Real art costs a lot less, with a Dali lithograph selling for just over a million pounds.

In the Antiques section fifteen grand gets you a Russian orthodox wooden painted icon.

The most expensive book is a first edition of The Hobbit at eight thousand pounds.

Two hundred and forty grand will get you a catamaran. two point four million secures an Aerocar, or sixty grand will get you a decommissioned Sea Harrier.

And that’s just the first few categories. Does anyone want to lend me six million so I can own a pisse of art?

Tweets today

23:22 Blog: Tweets today #

00:20 Blog: This is my posse #

00:20 Blog: South is a bit empty #

00:20 Blog: So, who’s the girl in the check top #

01:04 Oh shit! #

01:41 Happy birthday to me #

02:04 Wank! #

11:31 Damn. No birthday brunette in my bed. 🙁 #

13:25 The Demand Five streaming video is being a bit temperamental. I’ll try again tomorrow. #

15:37 For my 40th birthday we shall drink tea and be sophisticated. #

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So, who’s the girl in the check top

Who was dancing ty the same stuff as me, but I never managed to talk to.

Tweets today

00:21 Blog: Tweets today #

06:52 On Two Wheels- Traffic light etiquette for riders and drivers #

09:20 Blog: More Watchmen-y goodness #

10:21 Blog: Come on Barbie, let’s go wife swapping #

15:01 You know a technology’s out of date when a charity shop won’t take it. #

16:12 @SkippyUK Video tapes. NSPCC wouldn’t take them, but Age Concern would. #

17:23 Blog: Your mission, should you choose to accept it #

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it

From Girls with Slingshots

Replace Hazel with Ian and that’s your challenge.

I remember reading that you’re most likely to meet partners through work or your friends. As I work at home or in my studio that rules out one of those options. So it’s up to you, my little minions chums. If you know any single women, send them my way. They’ll thank you for it.

Come on Barbie, let’s go wife swapping

Jack Ryan, the man who created Barbie and Ken, as well as Hot Wheels and other classic Mattel products, was a very naughty boy. In fact he was “a ‘full blown seventies-style swinger’ who patronised ‘high class call girls to streetwalkers’ in his quest for excitement”. Not that any of that really matters, even if his horniness may have led to Barbie’s impossible physique, it just makes for a silly story.

Tweets today

00:22 Blog: Tweets today #

10:20 Blog: Rat Scratch Fever #

10:20 Blog: Japanese Watchmen trailer #

11:21 Blog: The Ninja is a dangerous man #

11:46 2 Wheels Good: Now I’m On 2 Wheels too #

11:46 Save the World: Getting extra energy from natural gas #

12:27 @SkippyUK same problem as with Spinneyhead at the start of the year. Didn’t know I had those ads there. #

12:52 On Two Wheels- The Cycling Revolution #

13:21 Blog: Wingsuit base jumping #

13:21 Blog: Marbles rules #

16:31 Three bin bags worth of rubbish removed from my room so far. #

19:12 Preparing to be appalled by The Spirit. #

21:30 Not as bad as Catwoman. Could have done without the voice over and the nazi regalia. #

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Getting extra energy from natural gas

A company called 2OC is planning to install mini turbines in natural gas pipelines to generate electricity. The gas is at too high a pressure when it comes out of the ground for safe distribution so sites known as letdown stations are used to release the pressure. The turbines would be installed in these stations and could generate as much as one coal or nuclear power station.

2OC admits that this is an expensive way to generate electrity. But it is making use of energy that would otherwise be wasted. The letdown process also has a cooling effect- as the gas expands its temperature drops drastically- and the company are looking at ways to use this such as cooling data centres.

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