Drunken Twitter arguments are always fun

I guess I’m a trouble maker. Not in any malicious way, it’s more that I think sometimes people need to be mocked. And I’m the person to do it.

I noted around the inauguration of Barack Obama that there are a few American blogs determined to pile on the hate. I subscribed to the RSS feeds of a couple for entertainment.

One of the more loony of the bloggers- the guy who posted lots of “Obama = Hitler” rants with bad photoshops of the new President in SS garb- has stopped taking comments on his site because so many people pointed out the weaknesses of his arguments. However, he’s on Twitter so, when I got home on Friday night a little drunk and still slightly timeshifted, I sent him links to blog posts that took apart a few of his assertions on climate change. He didn’t take it well.

I sent him a few replies then went to bed.

In the morning the nut had taken his offence and turned it into a blog post. I won’t bother linking to it because he’s blocked my IP, or possibly the IP of anyone outside the States, and doesn’t merit any Google juice. If you’d like to know just how stupid the post was, Kevin Beck at Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge has assessed the bile for me.

I’m thinking of naming a bad guy in Sounds of Soldiers Gribbit. What do you say?