Tweets today

23:24 Blog: Tweets today #

09:06 And the snow has gone. Manchester never has the same weather as the rest of the country. #

10:23 Blog: A few photos from my ride in the snow yesterday #

10:37 It waseasy to go out in the snow. Why’s it so hard to go out in the sunshine? Must motivate (after cleaning bike). #

12:50 Film plans- meet in Waterhouse from 6 for food and drinks then on to amc for Frost/Nixon @ 8.20. #

13:12 On Two Wheels- Snow Ride #

14:24 Blog: Be Your Own Valentine #

15:29 Time to be honest and admit there’ll be no training ride or time in the studio today. #

16:27 Blog: The Bucket List #

18:27 Blog: 25 Things about me #

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