I don’t think climate change deniers understand economics either

Because the folks at Stop the ACLU have a habit of deleting my comments when I take their arguments apart with logic, here’s the reply to this post. It’s a simplistic argument, but they’re simple people.

And next year the cap will be 49ppm, so you’ll either have to waste more money so you can waste money. Or you could exhibit common sense and cut your pollution by cutting energy use, which a good businessman should have been doing anyway. Efficiency savings affect your bottom line, even without a cap and trade. So if you’re not looking into them then you should rebrand Teach Enterprises as Company Pointlessly Wasting Money.

I don’t understand your reasoning. You moan about government interference and the government taking your money when most governments are giving away money that you could use to become independent of them. Take the government grant and invest in energy efficiency and microgeneration. Do it well enough to produce more electricity than you need and energy companies are becoming obliged to buy it back off you. You’re paying less tax on the energy you use and the energy companies have less money and lobbying power. If you still don’t want to admit that you’re doing it for your children and a better environment just pretend you’re doing it to be selfish. Whatever.

The polar bear cartoon is cutesy, it’s good to see you’ve embraced recycling by repeating the Very Cold Winter meme endlessly. However, Australia is in the midst of the worst heatwave in at least 70 years. You haven’t mentioned this. I guess you only want to point out the weather anomalies that seem to support your argument.

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