Tweets today

00:24 Blog: Tweets today #

09:35 February Blues. #

09:36 More snow than Monday. Shall be brave and go for a short ride later. #

10:29 @MagicDan85 I’ve always found tea a great cure for a hangover. It powered the Empire after all. Baa bar bad unless you’re deferring the pain #

11:32 Catching up on reading so I can close a few tabs. #

11:37 Of course, what I’m really doing is putting off going out into the cold. #

11:49 Save the World: Some interesting links on climate change #

11:49 Save the World: I don’t think climate change deniers understand economics either #

12:11 Suggested by Sue last night- trip to a Rusholme tea bar eg Musicana. Anyone interested? #

13:26 Aldi’s new survivalist line- axes, jerry cans, tool belts, AK47s! (Must be over 18) #

14:45 Still can’t shift the melancholy from last week. I think it’s because I never got that hug. #

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