Tweets today

23:24 Blog: Tweets today #

09:36 I’m blaming February, but the truth is I’m depressed for no good reason. The only solution- do stuff! Bike ride later. #

10:29 Orange wednesday choose from- nick & norah’s infinite playlist @ 6.40 @ amc, Punisher:warzone @ 7.15 @ amc or The Wrestler @ 6.40 @ odeon. #

11:55 Damned addictive webcomics! I should have left the house 2 hours ago! Anders loves Maria #

13:51 Ticket for White Lies on May 5th purchased. Now, Ida Maria or speed dating on Thursday? #

14:55 Don’t speed or you’ll be stalked by a ghost. #

16:34 Ride stats- av 11.9mph, max 21.9mph, dist 10.74 miles. Just a trip to the studio with detours for roadworks and exploration. #

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