Get the Cartoon Biography of Charles Darwin for free

But only if you live in a select number of locations. The 100 page cartoon biography is being given away free-

Where can I find it?

It has been published as part of the Lost World Read 2009 mass-participation reading project, which is happening in the following locations:

* Bristol and the South West
* Edinburgh
* Glasgow
* Portsmouth and Hampshire
* Shropshire
* Westminster

If you live in one of these locations have a look here for details of which shop, library, or museum near you is giving the book away. For example, here in Bristol the book can be found at all branches of Bristol Libraries; Blackwell, Park Street; St George’s, Brandon Hill; Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Road; Waterstones, Bristol Galleries; Bristol Zoo Gardens; Blaise Castle; City Museum and Art Gallery; ss Great Britain.