Tweets today

00:24 Blog: Tweets today #

09:23 Today’s film is Punisher @ 7.15 @ amc. My deciding vote was swayed by the idea of explosions. #

13:23 Blog: Get the Cartoon Biography of Charles Darwin for free #

15:30 All I wanted was some tender loving care, before it gets sponsored with the water and the air. #

15:31 T only thing I got right was to lie about my age. #

15:35 #ianslyrics Guess the songs and win a prize (a Marvel no-prize style prize, but still….). Until I get bored. #

15:42 Hello, good evening and welcome to nothing much. A no holds barred half nelson and the loving touch. (Spot a trend in today’s #ianslyrics ?) #

16:27 Blog: If you’re going to the Auvergne this year- Gite La Jonchere #

20:18 On Two Wheels- The bicycle thieves of Paris #

20:18 On Two Wheels- Cycling on the Pavement #

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