Tweets today

10:57 Aher day where I’m slow to get up to speed. And my computer has picked up on it and is running slowly. Meh. #

11:12 Cold #

12:59 On Two Wheels- The law of the pavement #

13:38 Got the last ticket for Ida Maria. Bouncey indie pop FTW! Sorry ladies, that means no speed dating. #

17:24 @warrenellis I got the last ticket for Ida Maria in Manchester tonight. Looking forward to it. #

18:19 Please ignore the don’t click. It’s a Twitterbomb. #

20:02 They can call it Club Academy, but it will always be The Cellar. #

20:26 Blog: Middle Class Rut #

20:27 Capitalist Shirker #

21:25 Blog: Flashguns #

22:23 Blog: Ida Maria #

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