Capturing light with chemicals? What an odd idea.

Icy Canal, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

As I was heading off to Hogmoney I couldn’t find my digital camera anywhere. However, I did have my old APS camera and a lot of out of date film.

The thing about film is that you’re aware there’s a limit on the number of shots you can take with it. So I was wary of the APS and most of my Hog pictures were taken on my phone. I took a few wintery shots and finally finished the roll at the Ida Maria gig earlier this month.

My little APS has never been happy with the dark- low light photos have always had a lot of noise in them- so the excessive grain probably isn’t down to the fact the film was supposed to be used in 2005.

I have a few more rolls of film, APS and 35mm, lying around and I may use them up as well. So I’ve created a 2009 On Film set on Flickr.