Sounds of Soldiers- Guns

Notes There isn’t a continuity error in here, just things Robert hasn’t told us about yet.

I pay for the bullets and Robinson and I go hunting for rabbits to feed to my family. Afterwards I clean the gun- it’s been a few months and I’m getting out of practice.

“Would your friend be able to get me a hand gun?”

“What would you be looking for?”

For a while in France I ha a Caracal sub-compact with the adapter for full size mags. Never used it in anger, but it was accurate at the sort of range you’d expect to be using it at.”

“You’re not planning to do anything silly are you?”

“It’s been suggested that I’m on a list. Certain people think I’ve been naughty. The sort of people who like to car bomb shoppers.”

“No gun’s going to be any use against a boot full of IRA mix.”

“I’m hoping common sense, or paranoia, will protect me from that. I’d just like something just in case.”

“Have you ever killed a man?”

The cleaning is done. I put the gun back in its case. “Three.”

Robinson looks surprised at that, but he believes me. He nods. “I’ll ask.”