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Tweets today

23:24 Blog: The Man Behind the Counter of the Science Fiction Superstore tinyurl.com/ceq347 #

23:24 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/ap2sna #

09:39 @robwatts twitpic.com/1u488 – It looks like a ghost bike. They’re usually left at the scene of a fatal accident involving a cyclist. #

09:48 RT: @altepper: RT @PeopleForEarth: Add your Twitter @ name to the wiki list of Green Twitterers bit.ly/9Lhb #

10:03 Listening to- Pictures of You, an NME compilation of Cure covers in honour of the Godlike Geniuses. #

10:26 Blog: Don’t go photographing Mancunian infrastructure tinyurl.com/c3yaw8 #

13:25 Blog: Oh no! I must be a terrorist! tinyurl.com/c48an9 #

13:59 We’d like to learn a little about you for our files. We’d like to help you to learn to help yourself. #

14:06 Will Eisner wouldn’t be impressed, but I’m doing my first page-as-a-metapanel page. #

15:30 Last night a little dancer came dancing to my door. #

17:55 Watchmen shows @ amc on Sunday @ 1.45, 2.25 and 5.? Shall check times at other cinemas before choosing. #

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Oh no! I must be a terrorist!

In honour of Manchester Police arresting a man for allegedly photographing drain covers, here’s a photo of a drain cover.

Don’t go photographing Mancunian infrastructure 1

Or even don’t not photograph infrastructure, as the guy in this video was arrested twice despite not taking the pictures the Police accused him of. I was stopped at the Labour conference last year because I was walking around the G-Mex taking pictures of the security perimeter. I don’t know what it is about me that kept me safe from further harassment, mybe my jovial nature.

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