A brief review of Nokia Sports Tracker

It doesn’t work on my phone.

Perhaps that was a little too brief.

Nokia Sports Tracker is a neat sounding mobile phone app I heard about on Tuesday. Basically it will use the built in GPS on your Nokia phone to track training rides or other journeys, geotagging any photos taken along the way and allowing you to upload the data to a website to share. I love mapping software so I thought I’d give it a go.

The problem is, my 6220 has never been all that good at GPS. The built in software has found a signal once and still thinks I’m in the same back garden I was eight months ago. Google mobile maps works far better. I guess it polls phone masts and does a bit of initial triangulating from that. Right now it’s got me to within 700 metres- not great for navigating, but it does get better when it can find GPS signals. However, Google maps doesn’t have, that I can find, the trip recording features that are what appealed to me about Sports Tracker.

Does anyone know of an alternative?