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Tweets today

23:24 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/aclvyn #

23:30 To bed, for ’tis #bogle09 tomorrow. I shall be driving the sponsored walk, I think. #

00:27 Blog: Dixi tinyurl.com/bjffzk #

09:13 There are things I must sign, before I can be part of #bogle09 #

09:24 Blog: Saturday morning Watchmen twurl.nl/ug2nl5 #

11:25 Blog: Fiction- Ron tinyurl.com/ad5kc6 #

12:14 @linkmonkey We talked on Tuesday about a scriptwriter you know. Sorry for delay getting back to you. #

13:11 I hate talking to answering machines. #bogle09 #

13:54 Lunch at Parched in preparation for #bogle09 #

15:50 When this is over we will laugh about the urns. #bogle09 #

17:07 Change of plan for Sunday- try for the 2 o’clock imax showing at filmworks so we have more options if we miss it. #

17:30 Waiting. Waiting for something to do. #bogle09 #

19:26 Blog: Inside Mike 3 for #bogle09 tinyurl.com/dbwpop #

20:16 Shining. Have reached Northenden. Walkers are trying to catch us up. #bogle09 #

20:17 Signing, not shining. Bad predictive text #bogle09 #

21:49 Someone has the call sign "Mobile Beaver". Mike 1 wants to become "Portable Minge". #bogle09 #

22:03 I’m in Mike 3, not Mike 1. I don’t know what Mike 1 wants to be called. #

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Fiction- Ron

Notes I’m working my way through the archives looking for stuff to collate into a book of short, and very short, fiction. It’s inspired in part by some of Warren Ellis’s musings on the papernet. I’ve been sticking little chunks of fiction on here for a while. Some have been set ups for longer stories that never happened, others were self contained. This piece followed Tribes and All Stood Still but, as far as I can tell, has never appeared on the blog before. It’s an experiment in layout and dialogue which may be a bit of a mess. I fully expect to go back in and tweak the html.


I’m Ron. It’s short for Saffron.

Oh. Right. I’m Sam.



Did you just see…..?

Yeah. On the dancefloor?




I saw someone do that in TK Maxx this morning.

I saw it on Market Street.

This is fucked up.

Yeah. Er, wanna drink?




So what?

So, who you buying a drink for?




Damn, that’s one short transvestite.

Short for Saffron.

I’m not sure that’s any better.


Two bottles of Brown, please.


Who’s your friend?


Some sort of karmic G love thing?


I don’t know. It just…. Sort of…… Sounded right.

He saw it too.

The… It, the…. thing? In TK Maxx?

Here. There was one on the dancefloor.

There are a lot of freaks on the dancefloor, Ron.

That appear from thin air?


No. I guess not.


Brown. This is Dave.








Oh. I love this song. Seeyas.





I should take the hint, shouldn’t I?

See you later.




I told Sarah.

About the… people appearing from nowhere.


She thinks I’m crazy, I think.

I think I’m crazy.

But I wouldn’t dare assess your sanity.

Crap to this. You dancing?



Sam. Could you be any more beige?

It’s what I wear, alright.

I don’t like jeans.

Do you own any black?

Some. No trousers.

Why do you come here?

Dave’s got a bad goth habit.

Hey, so I do goths from time to time. I can handle it.

See? My jacket’s black.

Flasher mac.

Where are you heading?

I’m in Rusholme. He’s in Longsight.

We’re in Chorlton, or we’d offer to share a cab.

There are normally a few outside the hotel, up there.

Bus stop’s just down here.


I thought you were catching the bus?

Oh I am. I just thought….

Can I have your number? So we can talk about…. y’know.




That’s work on the front, but the number on the back’s my mobile.

Okay. See you.