Daily archives: March 8, 2009

Tweets today

23:26 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/cbxssj #

11:47 #bogle09 is only just over and I’m planning for #bogle10 #

11:55 I’m heading in early to get tickets for the 2.05 Watchmen. Text me if you’d like me to pick one up for you. #

12:39 2 o’clock imax showing is sold out. Next showing at filmworks (non imax) is 4 ish could get tickets for that then retire to a pub. #

16:19 We (will now) watch the Watchmen. #

22:42 @SkippyUK I just made #bogle10 up to show I was thinking about it. If a different #hashtag is desired I have no problem. #

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