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Tweets today

15:13 Collecting Spinneyhead’s short fiction into one place to make a book. Editing and layout to come later. #

15:20 Ithink I’ll play typographical games with the super short pieces and do a few illustrations for others. #

15:27 Blog: Buy Global Weirding at Amazon tinyurl.com/b4u33v #

20:31 If you think I add value to your network, do drop me a recommendation at mrtweet.net/Spinneyhead?gr Much appreciated! #

20:33 Checking out Mr Tweet, my personal assistant who helps me discover great and relevant folks I did not know about! mrtweet.net?v=12 #

20:38 @BrianReed But the baby is my retirement plan. #

22:20 A US William Hague? RT: @BrianReed: I hate to beat up on a 14 year old kid, but I guess somebody needs to…. DOUCHE tr.im/hbgB #

22:26 Blog: Still out of fashion and always uncool tinyurl.com/d2ll8h #

23:01 @maskeddave I plan to be beaming updates straight from my head. My bike helmet will be wired up to translate my brain waves. #

23:24 Scale: Little Big Cities tinyurl.com/dmlbhu #

23:24 Scale: Hot Rod 7s tinyurl.com/aelq38 #

23:25 Blog: Cake tinyurl.com/bphpx4 #

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Still out of fashion and always uncool

I got lost in my archives today, looking for posts to include in a Spinneyhead collection. Along the way I rediscovered my online version of Out Of Fashion And A Trifle Uncool (alternate title Ten Years Asleep). I’ll have to repackage that for Lulu/Amazon distribution as well. Re-reading bits of it I’m embarassed by the clunkiness of some of the prose, sad that I’ve lost some of the optimism on display and amused by some of the phrases I turned.

Hot Rod 7s

I recently got, from Ebay, this kit of a BMW Dixi.


The Dixi was basically an Austin 7 made under licence in Germany. I’m thinking of turning it into a rod, so this post about hotrod Austin 7s was interesting. I may use some of the stuff available from Scale Link in 1:24th, which includes a Rover V8, the quintessential british rodding motor.

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