Tweets today

15:13 Collecting Spinneyhead’s short fiction into one place to make a book. Editing and layout to come later. #

15:20 Ithink I’ll play typographical games with the super short pieces and do a few illustrations for others. #

15:27 Blog: Buy Global Weirding at Amazon #

20:31 If you think I add value to your network, do drop me a recommendation at Much appreciated! #

20:33 Checking out Mr Tweet, my personal assistant who helps me discover great and relevant folks I did not know about! #

20:38 @BrianReed But the baby is my retirement plan. #

22:20 A US William Hague? RT: @BrianReed: I hate to beat up on a 14 year old kid, but I guess somebody needs to…. DOUCHE #

22:26 Blog: Still out of fashion and always uncool #

23:01 @maskeddave I plan to be beaming updates straight from my head. My bike helmet will be wired up to translate my brain waves. #

23:24 Scale: Little Big Cities #

23:24 Scale: Hot Rod 7s #

23:25 Blog: Cake #

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