Tweets today

23:24 Scale: Little Big Cities #

23:24 Scale: Hot Rod 7s #

23:25 Blog: Cake #

00:22 Manchester blogmeet tomorrow. Hope I can make it. #

00:27 Blog: Tweets today #

00:55 On Two Wheels- I Bike MCR #

10:06 Decided not to photograph the big bunch of Police in Withington. Maybe if I’d been across the road. #

10:22 As Sounds Of Soldiers’ narrator has returned from France he should use more French. Common French words/phrases please. #

11:49 I’m getting Lomo lust in Fred Aldous. #

12:21 Lunch at Cup on Thomas Street. I should try out more of these places. #

12:57 Being a smart arse and using on my phone to check the meanings of internecine and diaspora. #

13:19 Damn. The last thing I needed was more T-shirts. #

15:25 Blog: Indigo #

17:02 How did Alex do 80+ miles on that bike? I barely made it home. #

17:22 This week’s Wednesday film shall be Push @ 7 @ Odeon Filmworks #

18:23 I should be going to the Manchester Blogmeet, but I’m a bit meh and I’ve just had some good Sounds of Soldiers ideas I must write down. #

21:07 Where do we find murderer grade plastic bags, for getting rid of those really heavy and cumbersome objects? #

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