Daily archives: March 17, 2009

Tweets today

08:54 And a happy St Patrick’s to the little bit of Irish everyone seems to have hidden deep in their family history. #

12:09 On Two Wheels- Traffic can break your heart tinyurl.com/cprllx #

12:19 Stewart Lee looks like Morissey, but is far funnier. tinyurl.com/d7j6wt #

14:04 @SkippyUK Tea solves everything. Of course you should have a cup of tea. #

18:22 Just passed a God botherer lecturing a traffic warden. They were made for each other. #

18:31 This year I think all the big Guinness hats look stupid. Possibly because I’m still sober. #

19:51 A future Spinneyhead production must have a giant exploding unicorn in it. #

20:57 Dan- he’s like a gateway drug for orgasms. #

22:46 Not convinced by the Irishness of the music. Now to dodge stupid hats all the way home. #

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Cows are magnetic

Well, not really magnetic, but they do tend to align themselves to the Earth’s magnetic field. A scientist has researched the alignment of herds of cows using images from Google Earth. His results show that herds of cattle and deer will, when standing still, all align themselves north-south. However, disruptions of the local magnetic field, such as those caused by powerlines, upset their senses and they tend to point in random directions. This effect becomes less pronounced the further away from the powerlines the cattle are.