Tweets today

08:54 And a happy St Patrick’s to the little bit of Irish everyone seems to have hidden deep in their family history. #

12:09 On Two Wheels- Traffic can break your heart #

12:19 Stewart Lee looks like Morissey, but is far funnier. #

14:04 @SkippyUK Tea solves everything. Of course you should have a cup of tea. #

18:22 Just passed a God botherer lecturing a traffic warden. They were made for each other. #

18:31 This year I think all the big Guinness hats look stupid. Possibly because I’m still sober. #

19:51 A future Spinneyhead production must have a giant exploding unicorn in it. #

20:57 Dan- he’s like a gateway drug for orgasms. #

22:46 Not convinced by the Irishness of the music. Now to dodge stupid hats all the way home. #

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