Tweets today

23:55 @Kalyr Possibly so. We’re working on a few storylines that would suit it. #

10:05 Tinking of songs to request at Atomic 80s tonight- Queen, Marillion, Cure, Damned, Clash, Frankie GTH, Nena, TVV, Kylie. #

11:38 Imet your children. What did you tell them? #

14:07 Just got an email asking if my daughter is bored. Is there something someone’s not telling me? #

14:57 Because Spinneyhead hasn’t updated in almost a week my mum just phoned to make sure I was still alive. #

21:11 Running a little late, but I’m off to Atomic 80s at Bookbinders, if only to see whether the Ninja dresses as Adam Ant. #

22:08 The man from del Monte he says, "Where the hell is everyone?" #

22:14 Shouldn’t have watched Full Contact over the weekend. I now want to start a gunfight in Bookbinders. #

22:44 Challenge- to be organised later- put together your ideal film soundtrack and pitch the associated film. #

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