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Tweets today

23:50 Calling All The Heroes may be the only rock song ever about rescuing your sheep. #

00:45 And the next Atomic 80s is Bank Holiday Sunday. Dance off the Easter eggs in a totally ironic manner. #

10:01 Getting a few spam follows. I’d like to think it’s because I’m a Twitterer of note, but they’re probably just trawling through members. #

13:37 Trying a marinading experiment inspired by Heston (but hopefully without the food poisoning). #

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The drunk on the bus

Note Written as a comment on this post at Dr Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge. I’ve included a link to the internet loony’s site, though my IP’s blocked from it so I can’t vouch for it working.

I’d forgotten I was banned from Gribbit’s world. His insight isn’t worth the minimal effort it would take to change my IP address and get round the block.

Very early this morning, on the way back from a night out, I had an encounter that reminded me of Grib and his ilk. A scruffy, unshaven and very drunk man took the seat in front of me on the bus and demanded to know my age. He had the look of the loon, so I humoured him hoping it would shut him up. It had the opposite effect. Based upon my age he jumped to the conclusion I was an academic (flattering for a drop out such as I) and labelled me a waste of space.

He claimed to have been a major in the Paras and started pacing up and down the bus, repeating the waste of space accusation and lecturing me about how people had died for my right to be a waste of space. Or something. I didn’t exactly ignore him, just in case his violent rhetoric should change to actual violence, but I didn’t try to engage him in debate because that would have been pointless.

In the end the bus driver threw him off a few stops before mine.

If the drunk remembers the encounter, which is unlikely, it will be as him giving a waste of space academic a deserved dressing down before being unreasonably ejected from the bus. Gribbit and the like are the drunks on the bus, but at least it’s only virtual so you don’t have to put up with the drizzle of spittle as they foam at the mouth

That would be a bit of a commute

SQL/Access Programmer – Kandahar – SC Cleared new!
SQL/Access Programmer – Kandahar – SC Cleared Our client a leading North American Defence company, is looking for a Technician to maintain, maintain and update various programs running on Kandahar Airbase in Afghanistan.

The SQL Programmer shall have the following knowledge and skills:

* You will also need to speak to the users and find out how the programmes can be made more user friendly and carry out modifications. abilities:
* A robust knowledge and 5 years’ experience with respect to various programming languages, Operating Systems, frameworks and development tools;
* SQL Developer certification and 5 years experience as a developer in a SQL Environment;
* Access programming experience
* DBA knowledge
* “NATO Secret” Security Clearance preferred.

Salary for this Trainer/Developer role is Circa £41500 per year TAX FREE inclusive of yearly bonus and also includes Accommodation, Food, Transport, Laundry and Return Flights Home.