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Tweets today

23:27 Blog: Big Numbers tinyurl.com/csubxd #

23:27 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/c5yh8j #

11:15 Just followed a load of people. Mostly comics related. #

11:17 @Sarah_Hartley And me, but I’ve been doing it for a while. #

11:22 @technicalfault Amongst many other things 🙂 #

12:34 @MagicDan85 I tried that Relentless Green the other day. It wasn’t bad. I can rarely tell if caffeine’s affecting me until I’ve had too much #

13:27 Into town via as many bike shops as possible. #

14:02 Bike Doctor interrogated for the bike shop feature. #

14:27 Edinburgh Bike interrogated for bike shop feature. And I have a contact number for possible review bikes. #

14:51 Bicycle boutique interrogated for bike shops feature. I’m not normally this productive, must be Spring. #

15:18 Harry Hall interrogated for bike shop feature. #

15:30 Evans Cycles interrogated. Forgot to take a picture. Now out of questionnaires and convenient bike shops. #

16:54 Got me a movie oh oh oh. Slicing up eyeballs oh oh oh. Girl you’re so groovy oh oh oh! #

19:26 RT @timdifford: Harry Hill interrogated for burp shop feature. #

19:34 @Kalyr And now I have to listen to some of B-Sides Themselves for some strange reason. #

22:09 @technicalfault 2nd hand’s an option at that price. Try GBH bikes, just off Tib Street near Centro. I’ve not interrogated them yet. #

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Resilience Economics

I haven’t given up on Sounds of Soldiers, but I have reached a point where I need to get everything written thus far into a format where I can organise chapter order and set about revisions and plotting the ending. So there probably won’t be many moe chapterlets in the near future.

This piece by Jamais Cascio reminded me of some of the themes of Sounds of Soldiers, so I’m bookmarking it to refer to when I begin the edits.