Tweets today

23:27 Blog: Big Numbers #

23:27 Blog: Tweets today #

11:15 Just followed a load of people. Mostly comics related. #

11:17 @Sarah_Hartley And me, but I’ve been doing it for a while. #

11:22 @technicalfault Amongst many other things 🙂 #

12:34 @MagicDan85 I tried that Relentless Green the other day. It wasn’t bad. I can rarely tell if caffeine’s affecting me until I’ve had too much #

13:27 Into town via as many bike shops as possible. #

14:02 Bike Doctor interrogated for the bike shop feature. #

14:27 Edinburgh Bike interrogated for bike shop feature. And I have a contact number for possible review bikes. #

14:51 Bicycle boutique interrogated for bike shops feature. I’m not normally this productive, must be Spring. #

15:18 Harry Hall interrogated for bike shop feature. #

15:30 Evans Cycles interrogated. Forgot to take a picture. Now out of questionnaires and convenient bike shops. #

16:54 Got me a movie oh oh oh. Slicing up eyeballs oh oh oh. Girl you’re so groovy oh oh oh! #

19:26 RT @timdifford: Harry Hill interrogated for burp shop feature. #

19:34 @Kalyr And now I have to listen to some of B-Sides Themselves for some strange reason. #

22:09 @technicalfault 2nd hand’s an option at that price. Try GBH bikes, just off Tib Street near Centro. I’ve not interrogated them yet. #

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