Tweets today

23:19 @MagicDan85 That’s how it starts. It’ll be the Kesy Super Strength and White Lightning and sleeping in a bus shelter before you know it. #

00:24 Blog: Resilience Economics #

00:24 Blog: Tweets today #

00:24 Blog: X-Planes #

07:54 On Two Wheels- I Bike Manchester 2009 has begun #

07:54 On Two Wheels- On June 12th, take off your clothes and get on your bike #

07:54 On Two Wheels- Manchester Bike Shops – Withington Cycles #

11:22 For April Fools’ Day @stephenfry should mass follow everyone on Twitter with the message "Aha! I found you at last!" #

11:28 Today’s main job- colour, letter and upload phone comic. It always takes longer than I expect. #

11:57 I need a computer just for music, cause iTunes brought everything to a grinding halt just now. #

12:22 Blog: Fucking Hell #

12:53 Need to speed up phone comic workflow. Next story I may try analogue colouring or spot colours. #

14:28 First six panels coloured and inked. I may end up finishing this job after the film tonight. #

14:39 Got to reboot the pc to get it talking to the scanner again. Snack time while I wait. #

15:10 Bastard temperamental scanner! Okay. I’ll reboot AGAIN, shall I? #

17:23 Blog: Squeez Bacon #

17:58 Throw in some nudity and we’ve got a film. #

18:22 I have a horrible feeling I’ve developed an intolerance to cheese. 🙁 #

22:02 @SkippyUK You’re being attacked by dwarves? #

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