Tweets today

00:21 Blog: Tweets today #

01:29 On Two Wheels- Viagra helps you ride faster #

11:00 @DimitriMOMB a foot in the bush gathers a Vivid Video contract. #

11:01 I think I just sorted out my first review bike. I shall be going single speed for a week or so after Easter! #

11:35 I have glimpsed the bottom of the washing basket. The challenge now is to reach it. #

13:21 Blog: Gomez – A New Tide #

13:33 On Two Wheels- I Bike Manchester continues #

16:29 Got to the studio THEN realised I should have packed the folder with my art in it. There’s other projects. #

18:40 After spending the week worrying about a slow puncture on the back tyre I in and get a proper one on the front. #

19:22 I was going to write something about dumb drivers. Then I rode into the back of a Merc on the way home. May still write about dumb drivers. #

20:10 On Two Wheels- Send me your bike shops #

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