Tweets today

00:21 Blog: Tweets today #

10:09 @DiAnnEisnor Adding. I fixed it in the end through persistence. #

11:37 Into town to maybe buy pirate/pasta gear and spend an hour or two in the studio. #

12:16 Oh dear, the mad ranty woman just got on the bus. Please let her meds be working today. #

12:21 Crap! She’s ranting. Platt Fields looks pretty. #

12:29 I’m hoping the secret Masonic Police will come and take her away soon. #

12:47 Would you trust a pregnancy test you got from Value Save? #

12:56 You wouldn’t want to buy condoms that said "Made in Vatican City" on the package either. #

14:34 Sorry, but I will not lead your revolution. Ask the other guy. #

14:57 I really should do something with all that Spam. And this page isn’t coming together easily. #

15:03 I’m a million different people from one day to the next. #

19:21 Blog: Happy pasta pirate day to Dan #

21:46 Nice alliteration. Horrible image. #

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