Tweets today

23:22 Blog: Tweets today #

23:24 Fucker, fucker, fucker, fucker, fucker. Ha! #

23:51 Kittens poised. #

23:52 Kittens deployed. But only small kittens. It wasn’t really that bad. #

00:21 Blog: Worship the Staropramen #

06:23 Dan says- "Now is not the time for breasts." But then, he is young. He’ll learn. #

07:23 Blog: I’m sure it’s too early for this #

09:05 "The depths of my shallowness are deeper than I thought." #

11:23 Nothing seems to be going clockwise on the Circle Line. #

12:55 Drinking Starbucks. I’ll ask forgiveness later. #

13:22 Blog: JOE128 is outside the Exchange #

21:43 "You uncunted oik!" #

22:24 Manchester were second best rag by average per collector. Ragabonds were best. #

22:31 London has pavement nipples. If you rub them gently you make the city happy. #

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