Tweets today

23:21 Blog: Tweets today #

08:38 I’m all alone in the count room but there are no opportunities for mischief. #

09:19 Please don’t let the sniffer dogs notice the bacon strapped to my leg. (though they seem more interested in each other) #

10:39 Don’t feed the buskers. #

13:20 I thought I’d spend more time above ground today. So it’s raining. #

14:35 In Paddington, looking for two men in pink pyjamas. #

14:50 Skippy’s going to show me something I’ve never seen before. I’m a little nervous. #

15:02 Lunch with Skippy in Little Venice. Very romantic. #

16:20 Blog: JOE126 is in Little Venice #

16:38 Twitter titilation- @adultblog – Skippy’s naughty twitter feed. #

16:50 Skippy just had a trainspottergasm. Something about silver mark 3s? #

17:49 Skippy says it wasn’t a mark 3 it was a class 67. My bad. #

19:41 The bruises from my bike shunt last Friday. What does this say about my metabolism? #

20:04 Why’s that woman polishing her cucumber? #


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