Tweets today

23:11 I’ve been Rickrolled in handwriting! #

23:22 Blog: Tweets today #

23:34 Nipples! #

00:37 "It’s a rather radical kind of contraception. But we take whatever works." #

01:20 Gossip, gossip gossip, gossip, kittens. #

01:22 Ninja kittens. Ginger ninja kittens. #

08:13 How come 2 of the oldest bastards here were last out of the bar on the last night? #

08:14 Schrodinger’s testicles. #

08:15 Just forced out the last two tweets from last night. Can’t remember what they were. #

12:32 Streaming video- #

12:32 Streaming video- #

16:22 Blog: JOE132 is by the thames #

17:30 When I finally get home I should have the house to myself. Naked time! #

21:28 @Loupie I’m far too much of a gentleman to say one lady’s nipples are better than another’s. #

21:54 Am returned from That London, achey and knackered from Capital Cash and London Loot. #

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