Daily archives: April 16, 2009

Tweets today

23:20 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/d72wcj #

10:22 Blog: US Republicans want to teabag the White House!!?? tinyurl.com/cjmqsa #

12:13 Planning major changes to subject/setting of Venn. Venn-ers be on the lookout for communications. www.venn.tv #

13:49 I now have a single speed bike for a week to review. #

14:46 I’m gonna call her on the telephone. Have her over cause I’m all alone. I need excitement, oh I need it bad. #

14:59 Gotta love a good bit of old yagga dagga music. (and Revolution 96.2 nostalgia) #

17:21 I think I’ll start a #done tag, for completed steps in projects. 1 page line art for Shall We Take A Trip? #done. #

19:20 Blog: What a waste of perfectly good prosciutto tinyurl.com/ceo89z #

21:38 @maskeddave we can still use the sitcom material, but I want to do other stuff as well that’s quicker and easier to organise. #

22:38 Internet is grindingly slow. Why does this happen when I’m trying to use it for something productive? #

22:56 Postwork on 1 page of Shall We Take A Trip? #done #

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US Republicans want to teabag the White House!!??

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And they’ll probably find some sort of Goatse imgery when demanding openness in law making.

I’ll assume my audience is as perversion literate as Jon Stewart’s. (If you don’t know what any of these things are I highly recommend remaining innocent of them. Really.)