Tweets today

23:20 Blog: Tweets today #

10:22 Blog: US Republicans want to teabag the White House!!?? #

12:13 Planning major changes to subject/setting of Venn. Venn-ers be on the lookout for communications. #

13:49 I now have a single speed bike for a week to review. #

14:46 I’m gonna call her on the telephone. Have her over cause I’m all alone. I need excitement, oh I need it bad. #

14:59 Gotta love a good bit of old yagga dagga music. (and Revolution 96.2 nostalgia) #

17:21 I think I’ll start a #done tag, for completed steps in projects. 1 page line art for Shall We Take A Trip? #done. #

19:20 Blog: What a waste of perfectly good prosciutto #

21:38 @maskeddave we can still use the sitcom material, but I want to do other stuff as well that’s quicker and easier to organise. #

22:38 Internet is grindingly slow. Why does this happen when I’m trying to use it for something productive? #

22:56 Postwork on 1 page of Shall We Take A Trip? #done #

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