Tweets today

03:21 Blog: Tweets today #

11:18 Cheerleaders! Somebody send me cheerleaders right now! #

11:20 @MagicDan85 Those’ll be for me. Don’t know how they got redirected to you. I’ve been getting your Viagra spam for some reason #

11:20 @SkippyUK No. Clowns are creepy. Particularly for doing the sorts of things I plan to do with cheerleaders. #

11:30 @SkippyUK I’m having them airmailed to me. Don’t have to do anything in any US states. #

12:40 Today’s must do job means I’m sitting at the computer staring out at blue skies and sun. Le sigh. #

12:41 And I still haven’t got any cheerleaders. 🙁 #

14:00 Mongrels ep 4 colouring #done Now for lunch #

16:48 Mongrels part 4 lettering and uploading #done May have got it in in time to be approved today. #

22:32 This week’s Orange Wednesday film is Crank 2: High Voltage @ 7 @ Odeon filmworks. #

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