Daily archives: April 22, 2009

Tweets today

00:22 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/cycwtd #

09:02 Ernest Borgnine is still alive!!!!????? #

11:06 93 followers on Twitter. What can I do to clear the magic 100? #

11:29 @brianfrost @SkippyUK I prefer Brian’s tea idea to Skippy’s porn one. I am trying to keep my porn empire separate from Spinneyhead 😛 #

11:31 Free cup of tea for my next six Twitter followers. Free cup of tea with milk and sugar for my hundredth follower. (Delivery tba) #

11:46 Right. I’ll put the kettle on then. #

11:51 @DimitriMOMB Oh, okay then. You’ll need to get here in the next ten minutes though. 🙂 #

11:56 @DimitriMOMB Most of the way up the country I’m afraid #

12:26 @DimitriMOMB It’d be cold by the time it reached you if I made it. Soz. #

12:32 @SkippyUK No! Bwahhahahahahahahah- *cough* *splutter* *wheeze* #

12:54 Mongrels ep 5 layouts #done #

13:47 Playing First Encounters. Nostalgia. And the need for a joystick. #

13:56 @altepper I’m working on a novel with an eco-future theme. First drafts at tinyurl.com/c5yxhw #

14:00 Right. Must drag myself away from geek nostalgia and go and do some work in the studio. #

17:10 These are not the steroids you’re looking for. #

17:20 First half of Mongrels 5 line art #done #

18:50 Currently in development- bacon condoms. Not bacon flavour, actual bacon. #

19:24 Blog: Me and this army tinyurl.com/cx7gez #

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Me and this army

Me and this army, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Damian found another box of Andy’s GIs in the attic last night. I unpacked them all into another box for this photo. I’m going to borrow a higher resolution camera to take a few more shots and see how large a print I can get.