Tweets today

00:19 Blog: Tweets today #

01:56 On Two Wheels- Think outside the box #

10:46 My scanner’s being a pain again. Time to turn the computer off and back on again. #

13:29 On Two Wheels- Let’s make trials biking an Olympic sport #

14:33 That bloody rat’s just eaten through the power cable for my scanner! #

14:34 (That last tweet should make sense to precisely one person. If she’s paying attention) #

15:27 Cutting out World Naked Bike Ride flyers for later. Can they be used as the basis for chatting someone up? I’m probably too shy to find out #

17:19 Blog: How to hide a car the Mythbusters way #

18:26 A lot of Critical Massers have been leafletted for the naked bike ride. Only one or two made excuses. #

19:20 Blog: Critical Mass April 2009 #

19:26 Streaming video- #

19:56 Does cheese float in diesel/petrol? #

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