Tweets today

23:20 Blog: Tweets today #

00:57 On Two Wheels- The "Car Lane"? #

08:52 Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #

08:54 Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #

08:55 Monday is colouring Mongrels day. At least this week I don’t have blue skies and sunshine to taunt me whilst I’m stuck inside. #

11:02 @bremxjones #

11:02 New toy- Toshiba Portege 3500. Anyone got a spare stylus so I can do art on it? #

14:37 Mongrels part 5 colouring, lettering and uploading ~done #

17:54 via @warrenellis Cosmonauts Lost in Space #

18:12 Why can I still not spell weird without checking? Everyone’s allowed one or two word blind spots I guess. #

20:36 This Wednesday’s film is Wolverine @ 6.45 @ amc great northern. #

21:22 Blog: Let me go on big hands I know your the one #

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