Tweets today

10:20 Blog: Invasion of the My Little Ponys #

11:21 Blog: Obama is the gun indutry’s best salesmen #

11:21 Blog: The Museum of Online Museums #

13:19 Blog: Come with me if you want to live #

13:54 To the studio whilst there’s a break in the rain. If it isn’t pissing down again by the time I’ve packed and got my boots on, that is. #

15:52 I’m gonna take you out tonight. I’m gonna make you feel alright. Don’t have a lot of money but we’ll be fine. #

18:07 My faith in Manchester’s weather is justified. Good job I brought a waterproof. #

18:47 Break in the clouds. Making a break for home. #

19:51 Sneezy and sniffly. If I get the urge to make a sandwich out of myself I’m calling the doctor. #

21:23 Blog: The 50 mile per hour club #

00:22 Blog: The Association of Erotic Artists #

00:27 Yippee Ki Aye, motherfucker. #

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