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Tweets today

23:20 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/pf43c5 #

01:20 Blog: Words and Pictures- lots of comics links tinyurl.com/pzxb82 #

02:47 On Two Wheels- Living with a folder- one week with a little bike tinyurl.com/o77c2c #

09:28 It’s another colouring the phone comic day. So I’ll be staring out at the blue skies and sunshine for most of it. #

09:33 @wilw I’d always request Panic when the DJ was being a bit useless. Or when they were one of my friends. Even put it on one guy’s wedding cd #

10:14 There’s a hole in my neighbourhood down which of late I cannot help but fall. #

10:20 Blog: European Union = Fourth Reich? tinyurl.com/qjncuz #

10:46 @katiefern letsbefriends.blogspot.com/ #

10:58 @katiefern That’s what cats do. Lovely animals, but completely selfish and amoral. Like some of the people we know ;-P #

12:21 @maskeddave I commit most of the Twitter crimes. Oh wel. #

13:19 Blog: I fought the Law, but the Law’s dumb tinyurl.com/r49akq #

16:44 Need some sun time, even if it is just on a trip to the shops. #

18:06 Liking #apatheticbond tweets. Dr Maybe must’ve been done. Colonel Sunny Delight? #

22:31 This Wednesday’s film will be Star Trek @ 6.30 @ AMC #

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European Union = Fourth Reich?

At least, that’s what you’re supposed to conclude from this article. The war profiteering of German industry should have been more harshly punished, and there are a lot of wrongs committed in the Second World War that will never be righted. But using them for some specious argument against the EU is a bit much.