A (clean) page from my dirty comic

Shall We Take A Trip page 18 inked
Click for a larger version.

I’ve been meaning to do an erotic comic for years, and I’m now drawing Mary Tales as well as my phone comics. This is page 18 of the first part of Shall We Take A Trip?, the first Mary Tale. It’s a fair way from professional quality, but I’m very happy with it.

I’ve been experimenting with techniques and materials for a while. This is the second time I’ve drawn this page, which was originally number 20 before I decided to move the preceding two pages to a later part of the story. It’s the second page since I decided to switch to hand lettering whilst cutting down on post production computer shading. And I think it’s far better for it. There will be some grey or halftone shading, but I’ll put a bit more thought into it than I have with other pages. Then I’ll go back and change those pages based upon lessons learnt.

Because it’s a dirty comic, the sight they’re gawping at in the last three panels is very rude. But I haven’t drawn it yet, and I wouldn’t show it off here if I had.