Tweets today

23:20 Blog: Tweets today #

23:21 RT @wilw: Based on my spam folder, the Nigerian royal family is huge, not especially good with personal finance, and full of doctors. #

10:25 Blog: Grandville #

13:25 Blog: Mongrels- Who let the GODs out? Part six #

19:36 Blog: Not your little sister’s dolls’ house #

19:56 May have had too much chocolate. Balancing it with home made ginger beer. Nice kick to it. #

20:55 I’m looking for French words and phrases to slip into my novel, particularly slang, curses and insults. Anyone got any favourites? #

22:19 RT @Kalyr: @Spinneyhead "Ta mere est Belge" #

22:38 Blog: Mega Shark vs Giany Octopus #

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