Tweets today

00:47 Blog: Tweets today #

03:04 Had a mystery tour of Salford earlier. I’d like to see bits of it when it’s light. And I’m armed. #

04:10 Where the fuck are security? Let me through the bloody gate damnit! #

06:12 Oh shit. It’s daylight again. #

08:01 @SkippyUK The library because I’m doing the overnight bus again. #

08:03 RT @maggiekb1: There is no shame in being a redshirt, @seaslug_of_doom. It’s a noble calling. Take one for the team. #

08:20 Spotted one continuity error in Trek last night. I don’t usually spot plot holes until 2nd time through. MAy have to watch it again 🙂 #

09:57 Alarm set for 7 (though post will probably wake me), 2nd batch of ginger beer on. Time for bed. #

19:00 @MitchBenn Carter USM had a track called The Taking Of Peckham 123 #

19:46 Blog: The Flying Sub #

22:20 Angela Epstein talks bollocks about ID cards in today’s MEN. I’ll try to rebut when I have a pc in front of me. #

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