Tweets today

01:24 Blog: Tweets today #

10:29 @grimnorth For The Win, so I’m told. I had to ask a few months ago. #

10:34 Fuck! My new (second hand) laptop has a shafted cursor jumping all over the screen. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks! #

12:22 Blog: Fairey Rotodyne #

13:22 Blog: The Beach Pneumatic Subway System #

13:22 Blog: Daddy Long Legs #

15:22 Blog: Bizarre Ships of the Nineteenth Century #

17:49 Fundy Royale- we’re going to put all the religious extremists on an island and let them kill each other. #

19:09 Honeymoon in Auschwitz. #

19:30 Caged badger on the top bunk! #

20:08 Chopsticks for anorexics #

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